St. Mary the Virgin in Linslade

What to do on a misty & foggy sunday morning?
Go out with your camera and enjoy the fresh air and get some atmospheric photos!

I went out along the Grand Union Canal.
Wonderful reflections on the trees and boats in the water.

A bit further up is the Old Linslade Church, called St. Mary the Virgin, which looks perfect on a misty day like today.

The church of St. Mary the Virgin is located in Old Linslade, where the original village of Linslade was located.
The church stands fairly isolated, but, in the late 13th century it was a market town with an annual fair.

Many pilgrims were attracted to Linslade, because of a Holy Well, situated reportedly just a few hundred yards to the north of the church. The well’s chalybeate waters were renowned for their miraculous healing powers.
However, in 1299, the Bishop of Lincoln banned pilgrimages to the well, threatening anybody defying the ban with excommunication.

The five bells in the tower were removed in 1869, for use in the newly constructed St. Barnabas Church, Linslade. A single light bell was installed to replace those removed, for use at funeral services.

For more photos have a look to my Leighton Buzzard Gallery.

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