The Day of Snow in Leighton Buzzard

The Day of Snow in Leighton Buzzard, 5th February 2012

Finally! We got Snow!

I have to say I love snow.
Every year I am hoping for a real winter with lots of snow. Going to bed and waking up to a white snowy wonderland.
I know lots of people don’t like it, because it’s cold, its slippery, you can not drive ….
But hey, when we have snow, the world seems always a bit quieter and even nicer.
No rushing around. Families going out together and playing in the snow. People go for a walk. Can’t be so bad then can it?
Everything looks so much nicer with the snow.

I went out at 6am today to get some photos of Leighton Buzzard in its white coat.
Never know the snow is maybe gone by tmr.
It was lovely. So peaceful and so beautiful.

So if you went out today for snowy photos, leave me a link to your photos in the comments and I can have a look.

For more snowy photos have a look to my Leighton Buzzard Gallery.

© 2012 Bridget Davey Photography – in & around Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Beds, Bucks and Herts.

All rights reserved.
Do not use any of my images without permission.


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