Carters Steam Fair | Hemel Hempstead

Carters Steam Fair | Hemel Hempstead

The largest original touring vintage fairground anywhere in the world. Pre-1960’s equipment, transport, sideshows and rides.

The Silver Jubilee Gallopers

The earliest days of this Tidman set of gallopers are beyond human memory and there is a lack of any written evidence for the era. There are many ideas about the origin of the ride, but it is believed it was owned firstly by the Harris family in 1895.

The Excelsior Steam Yacht

The set of the steam yachts is one of only two surviving examples of a stately ride which was popular in Britain at the turn of the 20th century.
The ‘yachts swing under steam power to an almost perpendicular angle, making even the hardest of men shriek.

Built for showman Joe Ling by Savages in 1921, this set of yachts has been through lots of changes in its life. It was the most elaborate and attractive set of yachts that Savages ever made with its carving and decoration.

Nah’s Ark

This striking ride was built by Orton & Spooner of Burton on Trent in 1934, and was owned and operated by Kent-based showman Teddy Andrews.
The Ark incorporates a series of highly stylised Art Deco wooden animals and motorcycles, which speed around the central paybox and rise up and down on ‘hills’, and is of a similar design to the ‘motorcycle speedway’ rides of the 1930s.

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