Oink Oink

Recently I’ve been back to take some new photos of the Pet Piggies, or better known as Micro Pigs.
We have been waiting for a couple of month for the pink spotted pigs, as all the other litters where just black.

So here they are, the pink spotted Micro Pigs.
With their wrinkled little snouts, tiny trotters and oversized ears, they are irresistibly cute.

Micro or Mini Pigs are much smaller than a normal pig, newborns can fit into a tea cup..
Micro pigs make fantastic pets, they will protect the house and they love human company and cuddles.
They are escape artist so keep an eye on your fence or they will look in your lovely flower garden for nice treats.

They don’t make much noise, they are easy to toilet train and once they have bonded with you they are very loving.

For more information about the Petpiggies please go to

© 2012 Bridget Davey – Professional Pet Portraits Bridget Davey Photography
In and around Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Beds, Bucks and Herts.
Bridget Davey Photography

All rights reserved.
Do not use any of my images without permission.


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