Small Animals looking for a new home | HULA Animal Rescue

These are the small animals which looking for a new forever home at the HULA Animal Rescue.
They all would love to live in a cosy home before christmas. I met them all and they are just adorable.



Joey is an adorable and cheeky lad. He has a huge personality and will let you know when he is bored or wants something!
Joey will need a very special home as he may need his teeth checking under sedation by a vet yearly, this is because they were found to be quite overgrown when he came in.



Sparkler just arrived at HULA so he can’t be rehomed straight away.


Snowdrop is a sweet lady, she can be quite concerned at being picked up so she will need to gain trust with her new family.
She has been a little poorly, we had to give her treatment daily and this has made her a bit grumpy, again with time and patience she will soon learn that interaction is good.
Snowdrop isn’t too keen on other rabbits, but now she neutered this may calm her down. She could possibly live with a neutered male pending introductions.

Toffee & Fudge

Toffee and Fudge are a very cute pair of bonded sisters. They really enjoy each others company and must be re homed together. They are very pretty and we hope they will find their home very soon. Toffee and Fudge enjoy being stroked but are a little unsure of being picked up, they will soon gain their confidence in time with the right family.

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble and Squeak are adorable little lads who like to let you know when they are hungry. Bubble had a lump removed while in our care and he is doing really well, the vets are very happy and he has the all clear to find his new home.
Bubble and Squeak will need their confidence building when being picked up, food works as they are boys!! They will need to stay together and could not be mixed with other G.Pigs.

For more information about the small animals please contact HULA.

© 2012 Bridget Davey – Professional Pet Photography
In and around Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Beds, Bucks and Herts.

All rights reserved.
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