Dogs looking for a new home | HULA Animal Rescue

Please meet Wilson, Willow and Luna.
They all looking to find their forever home hopefully before Christmas.
It’s not fun be be in the kennels over the holidays, all they want is a cosy sofa and a human to cuddle up to.



Luna is a real sweetheart and has become a favourite at the centre.
She can be a little nervous of new situations but with time and patience she
soon comes out of her shell. Luna is looking for a caring family where she can get
plenty of walks and lots of cuddles. Luna has not been used to being on her own so
her new adopters will need to build this up slowly,therefore they will need to be
someone around most of the day. Luna would benefit from training classes as she was know
to have issues with recall, she has shown to be cheeky here and will have a mad run
around when you try to catch her. She loves cuddles and bet she would look very cute
next to your christmas tree with a little santa hat on!


Wilson is looking for a very experienced owner.
He had a few behavioural issues in his previous home and we need to find a home where
he will not be allowed to show these behaviours. Wilson is hoping that his new adopters
will take him to training classes and enable him to over come any issues he may have.
Wilson does not show these issues in the kennel environment and may take time to show
them at home, therefore he will need set rules from the start to nip some of the
issues in the bud! Wilson needs an adult only home and a cat free home.
Wilson is looking for his adopters to be around most of the day as he can sometimes
howl when left, he is also prone to chewing the odd cushion!
Wilson is a nice lad and in the right home will learn that some of his habits
are not acceptable, he just needs a sensible person who treats him as a dog and
sees past the fluffy hair and appealing eyes.


Poor little Willow has been through a lot, she was rescued by a
very kind lady who heard that she was to be drowned!
The lady could not leave Willow in this situation and took her straight away.
Sadly Willow was too much for their male dog and they had to part ways.
Willow is now searching for her family, she is a real darling with people
and enjoys snuggles on a daily basis. Willow is looking for an experience owner
as she is a working dog and is known to have worked previously. She has a very
high chase instinct and will be drawn to small animals. Willow would not be
able to be re-homed with cats or with small animals.Willow has been tested
with dogs and has shown to prefer the male variety. We would not be able to
re-home her with bitches but we would consider a quiet male intros depending.
We feel she would suit an only dog home best but if the right man comes along
she may tell us different. Willow is not used to children and although she is
friendly we would only home her with children 15 years and over.
Willow has not always lived in a home environment so she may need house training
or reminding of the rules. She will need someone around most of the day to
help her with this. Willow is in need of a very active home and would benefit
from training classes as she may not return off lead if wildlife are present.
Her adopters will need to sensible and understand the breed and their traits.

So please visit HULA or any other rescue centre near you

and give a dog or a cat or bunny the christmas they deserve.

A christmas in their new forever home.

Thank you for sharing!

For more information about the small animals please contact HULA.

HULA Animal Rescue

© 2012 Bridget Davey – Professional Pet Photography

Bridget Davey Photography

In and around Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Beds, Bucks and Herts.

All rights reserved.
Do not use any of my images without permission.


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