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Christmas Kittens 

Suzie, Smith, Willow and a couple of cute kittens
looking for their new forever home. 

If you are love cats then here ya go 🙂



Suzie is a beautiful, petite tabby and white female who is desperately seeking her new home.
She came in to our care after her previous owner sadly passed away and she is looking for companionship and love again.
Suzie has been used to life as the only cat for a number of years.
However, she has mixed with other cats in our cattery and we feel she could potentially live with male feline friends.
Suzie is very affectionate and has a loud purr, she loves to have her head and cheeks rubbed and will roll
around like a kitten. However, there are times that she can be a little temperamental when her back end is handled.
Suzie is used to having access outdoors and would not suit life as a house cat.
Suzie will not be re-homed within 5 miles of Blue Bridge, Milton Keynes as this is her old stomping ground.


Smith is a charming lad who is now ready for his exciting new adventure finding his new family.
Smith sadly did not get on with the other cat in the household and was brought back to Hula.
He is now looking for a home where he can be the only cat and enjoy his own space.
Smith is very affectionate and loves his cuddle time, although he is not too keen on being picked up.
As you can see Smith is a beautiful white cat, white cats can suffer in the summer with sunburn so he
must have sun cream on his ears before he goes out. Therefore he will need someone that is able to be around to do this.
Smith is able to live with a dog that is used to cats and children 8 years and over.
Smith cannot live within 5 miles of Olney.


(Olympus & Alex are reserved pending introductions and homecheck)

Danni, Alex, Nick and Olympus are four cheeky little chappies awaiting their new family to come to HULA.
They have been with us since they were 3 days old and due to an illness have only just become ready for adoption.
They are slightly nervous lads until they get to know you, then they become cheeky and adventurous,
they will bring a lot of fun and laughter to your home.
They are able to be re-homed individually or in pairs. They would like to be re-homed with another cat and are able to
live with quiet dogs that are cat friendly. Due to being nervous they would only be able to be homed with children 14 years and over.


Willow is around 2 years old. She came to us around 3 months ago and had her little 3 day
old kittens with her. Willow had no owner and was very shy.
Willow has now been weaned from her babies and is ready to start her new life.
She can be shy at times but once she knows you she soon settles. Willow can be very head shy,
we do not know why this is but she will need kind and patience adopters who will help her understand no one will hurt her.
Willow is very affectionate once she trusts you and will make an adorable companion.
Willow could live with a quiet male cat and children 12 years and over.

So if one of these beautiful cats stole your heart please contact HULA and come by.

Thank you for sharing!

For more information about the small animals please contact HULA.

HULA Animal Rescue

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Bridget Davey Photography

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